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Author Barry Blood explores the many differences in Christian beliefs that exist between Popular Christianity, (the doctrine as taught from the pulpit) and Academic Christianity, (the doctrine as taught in our colleges and seminaries). He contends there are startling differences in these Christian beliefs that may shock the average Christian layperson.


Ten of the most important Christian beliefs and doctrines are examined side-by-side (Popular vs. Academic), including the concept of God, original sin, the trinity, miracles, atonement, and others.

The author reveals how these differing Christian beliefs have created an intellectual gap between the church and our present day worldview of reality. A gap in Chrsitian beliefs which has contributed to the decline in Christian membership rolls worldwide. He contends that exposing these known doctrinal differences will create a more intellectually honest Christianity, and—he believes—will build a church that can be a more engaging choice for the educated populace of the twenty-first century.

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Dear Fellow Christian,

The church has a responsibility to keep the laity informed of new knowledge regarding our Christian beliefs, but has chosen not to do so. Instead, the church has, more often than not, chosen to deny, rebuff, or simply remain silent about new knowledge that would counter ancient Christian beliefs. Today the gap between what is preached from the pulpit and what the clergy and hierarchy of the church know has become problematical.

This problem can only be solved by exposing the church’s hidden secrets. To my way of thinking, there is no choice—the church must turn to a more honest explanation of our Christian beliefs or perish. Perhaps together you and I can start to solve this problem. This book is my attempt to get that ball rolling.



Reader reviews:

Your book gives answers to questions that have whirled around in my mind for decades. Somehow, I just knew that there must be a better explanations than that written in the Bible or given by others. Thanks to your research and authoring this book, doubts have disapated and have been given a sense of freedom from wrongs learned long ago. Thank you! WK


“Giving Voice to the Silent Pulpit” was a real “page turner” for me….I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to literally keep reading it and digesting it. Your book has sparked a fire in me that had long been very dimly lit. As they say, “my soul cried out in the night” as I was able to connect with the words presented.

The format of the book, with the chapters separated by subject matter and then explained with historical data was especially interesting. It causes one to stop and think “aha” could that be? The fact that you can simplify doctrine into a format easy for the layman to understand is appreciated immensely. Adding to that your honest soul searching throughout the years and your wisdom makes it seem as though the reader is sitting alongside of you as you relate the information. FB
Barry Blood has put a lot of research into the writing of his new book. Most of the people who sit in the pew probably will not exert the time or the energy to come to grips with the theological issues that Barry raises. Some who read the book will think that Barry wants to throw out the Bible and all the teachings that adults have been taught for years. That is not the case. Barry wants to serve the church. He writes, “No matter how uncomfortable it may be, it is time for clergy to revise their worship services and in some way, and in some measure begin to educate their congregations. Christianity can be intellectually honest and still be a vital asset to society. In my opinion, however, it must soon begin to make an honest effort to change its ways or there will be nothing of value left to save.” (p.77) Rev. CL
Just finished reading your book, GIVING VOICE TO THE SILENT PULPIT, and found it to be very intriguing. The challenge that you issue to the traditional church is an important one, but so far lacking in what you call sufficient mass to make a difference. I plan to introduce the book to the two Progressive Christian classes that I facilitate, and will await their reaction. Rev. LG

Giving Voice to the Silent Pulpit is a book the time for which has surely come. It forcefully makes the point that the church is running an immense risk by surrendering to whatever fears or good intentions that may be blinding it to the necessity to find ways to make religion speak to the challenges and opportunities of this century. TV

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