A New Understanding – of Christian Beliefs

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This is the Kindle edition of, Christian Dogma – The Twenty-first Century Perspective – of Christian Beliefs

This book speaks of a new understanding of Christian beliefs. It  is written with a unique combination of fiction and non-fiction. The story line is fictional, the articles and excerpts that are inserted throughout are non-fictional. Just as a television program is intended to keep a viewer’s attention between commercials, the fictional story line of the book is intended to entice the reader to continue on to the next article. The articles are intended to entice the reader to read the books from which the articles are taken.

The purpose of this book is to introduce to the laity of the Christian religion—the people in the pews—intellectual facts about their Christian beliefs that are not being presented to them from the pulpit. Facts that have come to light in the three thousand years since the Old Testament was written but are often ignored in the doctrines and practices of almost all Christian denominations.

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Date: Monday, 25. April 2011 10:32
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