Christian Dogma – The 21st Century Perspective – of Christian Beliefs

In his book “Christian Dogma – The 21st Century Perspective” author Barry E. Blood introduces readers to several articles written by modern Biblical Scholars, Theologians and Church Leaders concerning contemporary understandings of Christian beliefs. These articles in turn delineate for the reader, problems facing Christianity as it attempts to retain a prominent role in the intellectual society of the modern world.

Barbara McIntire, one of the lead characters in the fictional portion of the book, becomes the alter ego for those readers who have never been exposed to modern religious knowledge about the dogma of the Church, and who may find such knowledge shocking and/or radical.

In the final chapters of the book, Mr. Blood points to potential changes and reformations that can allow Christianity to survive it’s problems and once again flourish in the twenty-first century and beyond.

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Reader reviews -

Mr. Blood has honestly and intelligently opened Christian dogma for 21st Century inquirers who want to coalesce their ‘Sunday School lessons’ with the ‘real world’ in which they function the rest of the week. His work is essential. In the midst of our ‘knowledge explosion’, someone must connect the ‘realistic people’ with ‘spiritual people’ to prevent schizophrenia. The Christian faith has the answer to 21st Century issues, but pretending that a 19th Century mindset and language pattern will suffice is to fail. Our people are going through a music revolution. Spirituality is glowing! We are also using new technology, contemporary thought forms and vocabulary in worship and Bible study. We must awaken to evolving 21st Century theological thought forms if we are to prevent the Church from becoming a dinosaur. In religious terms, we are undergoing a new Reformation or a new Pentecost. Both were times of free thought and rapid theological thought. In the 21st Century we must think outside the box and ‘be open to the Holy Spirit.’ How can we ever dare deny the ‘moving of the Spirit’? Mr. Blood is neither a professional theologian nor is he a cynical atheist. He has a realistic ‘love-hate’ relationship with the Church, of which he has been a sacrificial lay worker for over 6 decades. He was patient with us for over 60 years. His patience wore out. When he realized many pastors discreetly agreed with his ‘liberated’ religious views.     Rev. JAHilton

This book presents the kinds of religious and moral dilemmas we all face in the 21st century. It is a clarion call for today’s religious leaders to clear the vast accumulation of inconsequential accoutrements that have, over the ages, become the major focus of traditional religion and moral thinking. Yet, it is very nurturing in its approach.   Edward Swan

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